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Cauliflower Can Do Anything


cauliflower-riceMark Twain described cauliflower as ‘Cabbage with a College Education’ and a well-groomed cauliflower certainly is a handsome site…. I agree, especially with the right amount of cheese sauce and when it is nicely browned. Mr Twain would be even more impressed with the versatility in the way that we prepare this humble vegetable nowadays.

I am fascinated by all of the flexibility and forms which this vegetable can take. Is there anything cauliflower can’t do? This amazing vegetable can fill in for just about anything.

  • When steamed, it has a bland flavor just like rice or flour, so it never overpowers a dish
  • It provides structure and bulk to recipes without grains, making it the perfect faux-rice
  • When steamed and pureed, it turns silky and velvety(a perfect substitute for cream sauce or mashed potatoes)
  • It is white, so it can be hidden for fussy eaters who don’t like their greens.

Cauliflower has loads of friends

Coconut is only one of the seemingly odd array of flavours that cauliflower can be teamed with. These include cumin, coriander, dill, fennel, sumac, tarragon, dukkah and nutmeg as well as butter, harissa, anything bacony, white-fleshed seafood such as prawns or lobster; chickpeas, barley, spelt and just about every other ancient grain; cheeses from blue to Gruyere; celery, pomegranates, yoghurt, anchovies, lamb, lemon, dried fruit and fatty nuts such as macadamias and pine nuts, to name a few.

cauliflower-pizza-crust-e1440742793178Cauliflower is meat for vegetarians

It is delicious battered and fried tempura style. It is agreeable to being cut into steaks and barbecued; it gets all of the charry tastiness without losing the creaminess of the cooked flesh inside.

Fried Rice.  Sauté some onion, garlic, peas, corn in sesame oil, add grated cauliflower

Pizza.  Process cooked cauliflower mixed with an egg and parmesan can be used as a pizza base.

Risotto. Cook grated cauliflower with onion and garlic wine and stock.

Fritters.  Mix with an egg, fetta and flour. Panfry.

Caulislaw. Replace cabbage with thin slices in coleslaw.

Soup. Pureed with chicken stock, add some blue cheese and truffle oil.

Roasted. Delicious with curry powder, a drizzle of oil and cooked until golden.

cauliflower-roastedCauliflower is very popular with the special diets set. It suits gluten free, paleo and raw diets. I was talking to Niki, from Crave Gold Coast a food blogger that I met today, and she has seen cauliflower rice packaged up in Woolworths ready to put straight into the microwave…….. Please don’t buy it!!!!

Get a fresh one from one of our 5 outlets on the mountain and grate it.

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