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Marriot International Culinary Workshop.

At the cooking school I am always being asked to do famils for journalists, bloggers and instagramers, usually by Brisbane marketing, Queensland and Gold Coast Tourism. I gladly can host them in my classes if there are vacancies as it promotes the area and me for tourists to visit. I work really hard to make sure the guests have a great time and leave with a favourable impression to report about.


Me talking with the famous Toine Hoeksel, culinary director of the whole Asia Pacific

I was recently invited as a guest of Marriot hotel in Surfers Paradise to participate in a culinary workshop as a blogger. It was great to be on the other side of the fence for once. I am very impressed with the level of training their chefs go through. This conference was for their Executive chefs in the Asia Pacific region. Back in my day as a head chef there were no conferences, I was so envious!!

My participation included sharing a childhood memory of food and recreating it with my chef who I was teamed up with. (Matthew from the very flash Pier One in Sydney) We had neighbours who had Chinese heritage and our family was invited for dinner one night. I can remember the intoxicating smell of the spices and cooking aromas floating out the front door enticing me to go in.


My favourite dish was the Chinese 5 spice Chicken. I have loved the mixture of star anise, cinnamon, cloves, fennel and Sichuan pepper ever since. My other memory was a baked apple dessert, where a granny Smith apple is cored and the cavity is filled with cinnamon, sultanas and brown sugar and baked.


Our 5 spice chicken creation

Matthew made the chicken into a delicious fried succulently sensational masterpiece. Poaching it in master stock then rolling it repeatedly in flour with the 5 spice, dipping it in cooking wine, flour again then frying.

The highlight of the day was going to the market to buy the ingredients on Harley Davidsons; I did not think my cooking day would include doing fat laps around Surfers paradise, what a hoot.

I am so impressed by the level of training their chefs receive. No wonder their restaurants and banquets are so popular.

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