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Quail, Chicken and Duck Eggs – We Have them All on the Mountain

I love chickens, but I don’t keep them because I don’t like the problems that come with them i.e. snakes, rats, mice, foxes – get the picture.

If you have a neighbour with layers, I would recommend making friends with them; that way you get fresh eggs, and if you have ever fried a very fresh egg you will see and enjoy the difference. I love opening up my carton of eggs and seeing the date written on them in pencil, and my students get to see what a freshly cracked egg looks like – they are amazed.

As a French-trained chef, I use a lot of eggs. Sometimes I may only need the white to make a meringue, so I freeze the yolks and use them another time for a crème brule, custard and lemon butter. Freezing does not affect the quality of a separated egg.

We have two local commercial egg producers. TM Quail Eggs and TM Free Range from Kingsnorth Farm. Duck eggs are very rich and are beautiful when scrambled, or used in baking.


For a real treat, try quail eggs, they are about the size of a very large olive, with an attractive brown speckled shell. They have a higher proportion of yolk to white compared to a hen’s egg, are milder and creamier, but can be treated in much the same way. I think they are a true delicacy and use them in salads, as canapes on vegetable tartlets, and whole in ravioli filling. They are also delicious in a classic French salad nicoise. If you like exotic spices, serve them with Zaátar.

TM Quail Eggs are available at Joseph’s in Main Street, Eagle Heights Butcher and the Green Shed; free range eggs from North Tamborine Butcher and the Green Shed; and duck eggs from private farms. Phone me on 5545 4564 for clues.

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