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It was David’s Christmas   gift that is mainly responsible for this story. He was given a cocktail making set.  While   I was dreamily researching a cocktail for him to make me, and because it was such a hot day, I chose one that included watermelon and put in my order to the barman.

Lately I have rediscovered this sweet, succulent fruit that as a child I used to love to eat. I can remember my brother and I having seed spitting competitions, but now my appreciation for watermelon is somewhat different.watermelon-feta-skewers-mint-lime-sl

 Watermelon is at the peak of its season right now and the local varieties are particularly good. I have found some that have thin skins and bright red firm flesh at the shops on the Mountain.  Watermelon is often a summer favorite and besides using it in your cocktails you can munch on it fresh, slurp it in an ice-cold juice or even toss it through a savory salad.

My ideas rea to use it –

*In a Greek style salad with red onion, olives fetta and mint.

*Diced and frozen, then blended with soda water or rose wine as a slushy

*On toothpicks with cubes of cheese and prosciutto

*Sprinkle it with dukka for a snack.

*Puree and mix with lime juice and yoghurt to make a refreshing soup

*Finely dice with tomato and cucumber for a salsa to go with chicken or fish.watermelon-martini


Apparently the latest food trend for 2017 is watermelon juice, and it is tipped to take over from coconut water in popularity. It is marketed in cans called “wtrmln wtr”. Remember that you heard it here in The Tamborine News first.

Farmers in Japan have started growing cube shaped watermelons by growing them in glass boxes where they assume the shape of the box. This was originally done to make the melons easier to stack and store, but the novelty of the cubic watermelon can fetch double the price of a normal one at market. Heart shaped ones make an appearance around Valentine’s Day.

China is easily the world’s largest producer of watermelons with over 70,000,000 tonnes produced a year compared with just 4,000,000 tonnes from the second highest producer, Turkey. Our closest supplier is very close to us at Boonah.  Melonfest is celebrated at Chinchilla each year in February, it’s a whole festival centred on watermelons.

And what cocktail did I decide on, A Watermelon Margareta, and it was superb. I have also heard about a Watermelon Mojito, a version of a Pina Colada, a Daiquiri, mixed with Limoncello, and in sangria. I hope watermelon season and the barman’s enthusiasm lasts long enough for me to enjoy these!watermelon-salad

January 31, 2017 / Uncategorized / thechef